Board and Train at Train My Dogs Learning Center

The Board and Train package at Train My Dogs Austin differs from other similar programs in that there is a strong emphasis on training – every dog is immersed in our Day Care program for two weeks, learning in both group and individual training sessions throughout the day based on a training plan established between the Senior Trainer and the owner.  Our board and train package starts with a test day to confirm that the dog is an appropriate candidate for the program; after a successful test day, the owners will sit down with their assigned Senior Trainer and develop a training plan tailored to the owner’s specific goals for their pet.

The Board and Train program includes:

  • Two weeks of boarding,
  • Inclusion in our Day Care working with multiple trainers to achieve the goals defined in the training plan as well as socialization skills and manners training,
  • Multiple outings to enjoy exposure to and training in different environments,
  • Daily one-on-one lessons with the Senior Trainer as well as our entire training staff, and
  • Concludes with two private lessons with the owners following completion of the program to demonstrate what your dog has learned and how to reinforce these behaviors at home.

The daily lessons will cover basic commands, leash skills, door manners, polite greetings and more. Train My Dogs Austin offers a unique home-like environment where your dog will be living with a team of highly skilled trainers. One of the most important aspects of any Board and Train program is variation in locations and trainers working with the dog; therefore we ensure that multiple trainers work with your pet daily and outings are implemented in the program to get your pet comfortable in different environments. The program is structured in this way so the the skills learned will transfer easily to the owners and the home environment. The follow-up private lessons show owners how to reinforce the training behaviors at home and maintain them once the program is completed.

Price: $1600 for a two week Board and Train program.

Board and Train at Trainer’s Home

For pets and/or parents who might be more comfortable with their pet boarding with a trainer, we offer board and train options in a trainer’s home that is a short walk from Train My Dogs Learning Center.  This program would offer flexibility for pets to attend Day Care and work on socialization skills during the day as frequently as desired/needed, and spend the nights in a trainer’s home (see pictures of our trainer’s home at right).  Please call for more details as we can tailor a package to the specific needs of your pet.

Price: $2000 for a two week Board and Train at Trainer’s Home program.

Please contact Jeannette at or (512) 715-4DOG to further discuss the programs and how they may work for your dog.